These travel tips contain useful information for a yacht charter from St. Lucia - from arrival to country information to supply options. We will inform you in advance to make your sailing vacation as pleasant and relaxed as possible.


Address & map



Rodney Bay Marina
Rodney Bay
St Lucia
West Indies

Opening times
8 a.m. - 5 p.m., 7 days a week.

Basic facilities
restaurant, hotel, pool, gift shop, ice cream, snorkeling equipment, kayak rental, showers / toilets, customs clearance, supermarket, laundry, car rental, post office and bank. Cordless phones are available.

Map of the base

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Arrival Departure

Tips for your hand luggage

Part of the great charm of the Caribbean is the seclusion and relaxed atmosphere. Due to this remoteness, your flight may be delayed or baggage may be delayed. We therefore recommend that you carry important personal documents, booking confirmations and all necessary medication and personal items that are difficult to replace in your hand luggage. We also recommend that you include change of clothes and the most important hygiene items in your hand luggage.

There There are two ways to get to St. Lucia:
1. Fly to George Charles Airport in St. Lucia and take a taxi to the base. The trip costs about 25 US $ per person for 1-3 people and 10 US $ per person for 3 or more people. 
2. Fly to Hewanorra International Airport on St. Lucia and take a taxi to the base. The journey takes about 1.5 hours. The cost for 1–3 people is 90 US $ and from 3 people there is 25 US $ per person.

Virgin Atlantic
British Airways
Air France
flights can be booked directly through The Moorings. We are happy to help you find a suitable connection to your charter.

Customs & Entry   * Disclaimer

You need a valid passport and have to present a crew list.
The expiry date may not be earlier than 3 months after your planned return trip.
Yachts have to go through customs clearance for every country in the Leeward Islands.

Yacht pick-up /
drop-off Yacht pick-up: Charter start at 12 noon or at 6 p.m. (check-in the evening before).
Yacht briefing: Yacht / territory introductions take place daily at 10 a.m. for lunch or at 3:30 p.m. for the evening before check-in. All main charterers are obliged to take part in the briefings.
Return of the yacht: All charters end at 11 a.m. The yacht will be checked and returned.
Important: Please inform us well in advance of your trip if you are planning to sail to the French Islands.

Late Arrival Procedures
If you arrive outside of business hours you will find a welcome letter and keys for the yacht at the security service. A welcome sign on the yacht shows you the name of the charterer.

Fees / departure fees
The departure fees are included in the price of the flight ticket.

Collins Taxi Service  - Tel:   758-518-7959

Rental cars
Most rental car agencies are located at both airports and at the main hotels.
Available are Avis, Budget, Cool Breeze Jeep-Car Rental, Courtesy Rent-A-Car,  
CTL Rent-A-Car, Hertz Rent-A-Car, Inter Island Car Rental, National Car Rental, St. Lucia Yacht Car Rental, Wayne's Motorcycle Center.

Left-hand traffic applies here. The seat belt must be fastened.
Driving under the influence of alcohol is prohibited. Please note the permissible maximum speeds. In Castries, 30 mph apply. A parking ticket is issued for vehicles that park in "no parking" zones (no parking); the penalties start at around $ 500.

In the event of a breakdown or accident, make sure you have the phone number of the rental company. If a breakdown occurs during business hours, the company will send a mechanic or a replacement car. If the breakdown occurs outside of business hours, leave the vehicle and report the breakdown immediately the next morning.



General information

Area: 619 km²
Population: 153,100
Capital: Castries
Official languages: English and French Patois
Ethnic groups: African, mixed origin, European and East Indian
Religion: Roman Catholic, Protestant
Government: Constitutional monarchy
Industry: Agriculture, clothing, electrical components, fishing, Food processing, rum distillery, tourism
Tipping: 10–15% are common if they have not already been included in the final price.
Electricity: 220 volt power supply, 50 Hz alternating current. (A few hotels have 110 volts, 60 Hz.)
Time: UTC / GMT -4 hours.

Holidays & Holidays
January 1st: New Year's Day
February 22nd: Independence Day
May 1st: Labor Day
July: Carnival
1st Monday in August: Liberation Day / Holiday
1st Monday in October: Thanksgiving
December 25th: Christmas December 26th: 2nd Christmas Day

Moving Holidays: Good Friday, Easter, Easter Monday, Whit Monday

Bay Garden Inn & Beach Resort
Rex St. Lucia
Coco Palm
Palm Haven
Beau Rivage Villa
Harbor Club Hotel Hotels (near Base)

Big chef Steak House
Key Largo
The Edge Restaurant Bar & Sushi
The Lime
Fire Grill & lounge
Chef Xavier Restaurant
Ocean Club
Rituals Café
the Bread Basket
Cafe Ole
Captain Mike´s Bar and Grill

Post Office
There are post offices in most places on St. Lucia. Opening times: 8.30 a.m. - 4.30 p.m., Monday to Friday. Cards and letters can be posted at the base.

The use of flying drones can be restricted in some areas. The current drone regulations in this destination can be found at

Free WiFi available in the marina.

Mobile Phones
Your mobile phone may work in the Caribbean, but you should check with your operator about the network. Share your mobile number with customer service before you start.

Tourist information
St. Lucia Tourist Board
c / o ART Marketing
Silcherstrasse 9
40593 Düsseldorf
Tel: +49 (0) 211 1675 4012 10
E-Mail: [email protected]

Tourist Board, St. Lucia
PO Box 221
Castries , St. Lucia, West Indies
Tel: 758-452-4094 / 5968
Fax: 758-453-1121
Email:   [email protected]



Banks & money exchange

Moorings can exchange money for you.
There is a 1st National Bank in the marina.

Currencies / Currency
Exchange Accepted forms of payment
US dollars and USD travelers checks or EC dollars are accepted throughout the Leeward Islands. Visa and MasterCard are also accepted in most locations.


Activities & sports

Snorkeling and Diving
Snorkeling equipment is available at all of our bases. Please check the availability of children's sizes.
Scuba diving packages are available from Scuba Steve near The Moorings Base. You can book this in advance: http: //

No fishing permit is required. Fishing equipment can be rented from The Moorings for $ 20 a day.
Please contact your The Moorings team in advance for bookings and the equipment will then be delivered to you.

High lake fishing
A number of charter companies on the island offers a half-day trip for deep sea fishing on. Seasonal fish include mackerel, king mackerel, white swordfish, barracuda, kingfish and fanfish.

Kayaks can be added to your charter. Please contact your The Moorings team for more details.


Cruising information

Sailing license
There is no mandatory license , but we recommend that you take your sailing license with you. If you are under the control of the coast guard or port authorities, this can be important. If you do not have official certificates, the skipper and the co-skipper must   fill out a proof of experience . If you do not have enough experience, you will need a  The Moorings Skipper .

Power supply
The power supply is 220 volts, 50 Hz alternating current. (Few hotels have 110 volts, 60 Hz.) Most plugs are triple plugs (British standard), but there are also round double plugs and less often flat American plugs. Adapters are usually available in hotels.
Yachts - The standard power supply on all yachts is 12 volts. To use electronic equipment with 110 volts, you need a current transformer for a cigarette lighter socket, unless your yacht has a generator. You can rent an adapter in the base, if available.


Sailing Area Restrictions
Against St. Lucia is the anchor in front of Soufriere in the managed by the Soufriere Marine Management Area area strictly prohibited. But you will find mooring buoys there.

Charter vacationers can also explore this island and use the anchorages on the west coast. Or sail south to the Grenadines or north to Martinique and Dominica.

Customs duties
The customs fees for sailing to Martinique are around US $ 40 per boat from St. Lucia and US $ 25 for the return trip to St. Lucia - a total of US $ 65.

Interesting places
We recommend the trip suggestion page for more information about the sailing area. The most beautiful places include: The Pitons, Souffriere and Rodney Bay, Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Union Island and the Tobago Cays.



Catering (food & drinks)

Moorings service

You can use our convenient online food order service for this destination !

Why spend hours carrying heavy shopping bags around when Moorings can bring you the highest quality drinks, fresh groceries and more packages on the yacht? Order complete packages or choose from our extensive à la carte offer, which has everything you need for your sailing holiday. Let us do the shopping and enjoy even more time on your yacht!

You can order meal packages during the online booking process and then add à la carte items. You can also cancel orders after the booking process has ended. We guarantee that you will find everything on board when you arrive. Visit our online food order service now!

Not booking online? After you have booked your charter, we will send you the catering forms. Just order in advance. We ensure that your orders are on the yacht when you arrive.


Glass Mini Mart is right next to our reception and the Massy SuperMarket is only a 3 minute taxi ride from the base



Health & Safety * Disclaimer


Vaccination and immunization information
In general, St. Lucia is not at risk from infectious diseases .
An international vaccination certificate is not compulsory at the time of this publication.



* Disclaimer
* Please note that the entry and visa regulations as well as vaccination and health recommendations of different destinations can change. The Moorings is not responsible for the information about these changes. We kindly ask you to inform yourself about the current regulations and recommendations of the respective country from the local authorities before the trip.


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