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Start your charter holiday right after your arrival by purchasing groceries and drinks in advance in our online provision shop.

Uncomplicated - You can view different packages, individual products or essential vacation items and order them with just a few clicks.
Comfortable - After hours of traveling, you may not want to go grocery shopping in a new, unknown place. Buy online and we will bring your order to your yacht - so you have more time and less stress until you can hit the water.
Something for every taste - Regardless of whether you are chartering with a partner, family or friends, we offer provisions for every taste and a wide range of nutritional needs.



Cover most of your grocery needs with various meal packages, all of which include breakfast, lunch, snacks, and more for everyone on board. Or choose from various individual products that range from local food to packaged starters, beer, wine, spirits and holiday items.

Individual products - Would you prefer to put together your food supply individually? Then take a look at our large selection of individual products in our online provision shop, which includes drinks and food as well as holiday items such as sunscreen, soap and more.
Packages - Make shopping on vacation easier and choose one of our versatile provision packages . All our packages are put together according to your preferences, which you can tell us via your personal provision form. Learn more about each package below:


Free basic package
Every The Moorings charter receives a free The Moorings basic package with ice, paper towels, garbage bags, matches, shower gel, toilet paper, sponges, dishwashing liquid and bug spray.

Charter starter kit
The starter kit equips guests with spices, olive oil, paper plates, serviettes, damp cloths, aluminum foil, charcoal, lighter fluid and cleaning agents. Enjoy your meals on board without the stress of buying groceries on the go or having to pack them in advance.

Fast food


Treat your cook to a break and sample a few local dishes on land. This package includes everything you need for breakfast, lunch and snacks on each charter day and dinner for charterers longer than six days. This gives you the opportunity to get to know the cuisine of the local restaurants in the evening.

50% on board, 50% ashore


This is our most popular option for ordering food. With this package you can look forward to meals on board and enjoy the local cuisine on land. You get breakfast, lunch and snacks for each charter day, and dinner on board about half of the days.

Complete package (only in Belize)


Our complete package is aimed at guests who want to take all meals on board on all charter days. We deliver everything you need for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner on all charter days. With this package you can prepare all meals on board and enjoy the privacy of your yacht every evening while eating.


Sundowner package


This package includes drinks and snacks for guests planning a late arrival or booking an evening check-in. It is enough for a group of four and allows you to start your first evening in the tropics with a bottle of wine, a six pack of beer and soda water, as well as cheese, crackers and a bottle of water. This package can be ideally combined with the Sunriser package so that you are well equipped for your first morning.

Sunriser package


With the Sunriser package, which includes a light breakfast and drinks, you can start your first morning on board well. The Sunriser package provides you with a delicious breakfast of croissants, jam, butter, cheese, coffee, tea, milk and fruit juice. This package is enough for four people and can be ideally combined with the Sundowner package, so that you are well equipped for both morning and evening.

Basic Mediterranean package


The basic Mediterranean package includes the most important things you need for a charter in the Mediterranean. Start the day with breakfast options such as coffee, eggs, cereals and bacon. Look forward to lunch with bread, cold cuts, cheese and various vegetables. Or treat your taste buds to something special with snacks such as chips, peanuts and cookies as well as premium drinks such as red wine, white wine and beer - just perfect! (Only available at our Mediterranean destinations)




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